This blog is about the presentation I made for my dissertation in the NLP – ML domain. Sentiment Analysis is easy for English. It’s a little but not much difficult for other languages such as Hindi or Marathi. It gets difficult when the script used for the other languages is Roman. What makes it most difficult is when that transliterated text is a mixture of multiple languages. In our case we are considering two combinations of English-Hindi and English-Marathi. This mixture of languages is called code-mix. Usually one of the language (usually Roman script) is used for the textual representation. How to analyse the sentiments in this situation. Ordinary Sentiment Analysis The steps involved in the usual analysis is as[…]

When I-Robot movie came out, it really put me in a bad place. Being young and a believer in a uniqueness of humanity, it was very difficult thing to come to grasp with a position, where a man-made intelligence acts with free will and not only that, it also dreams. I thought, the greatness of man was that he is intelligent and the idea that something more intelligent can be created by our own hands seemed like an impossibility at the time. Now, I’m not only looking forward to it, but devising plans for it to become reality. What fascinated me with the idea of dreams of a machine is the fact that we ascribe that ability to be quintessentially[…]

As much as we have come far in the field of AI, there is this sure gap between how generic humans capabilities are and how focused the AI is, regardless of how better they are at those specific areas of expertise. Following is my perception of what could be missing and how would that gap be filled to achieve Artificial Generic Intelligence. All the tools of AI: be it probabilistic graphical models, regressions or symbolic solvers, have one thing in common and that thing is bad input. To understand this let’s take an analogy, what if I write it article and then zip it before sharing? Everyone who would download it will know to use decompression before viewing the actual[…]