Based on the works of Robert Bowie, Jr’s.  Article here:


This post is more of a summary and a place to capture the questions associated with the above link, which is a post that talks about how the greek mythology and early history/myth of abrahamic religions are actually a narration of a set of events from polar opposite perspectives. It shows how the Zeus/Hera characters (the first man and women couple from greek mythology) are the same as Adam/Eve (the first man and women in Abrahamic lores). The main aspect of this article is to stress the concept that both the greek mythos and abrahamic lores are inverse and averse to each other’s view. In this post, we will look at those points and mark the points of conflict as well as the promising area that needs further research.

The greek people had a rich mythology and were made famous by movies like Troy and Hercules for a laymen like me. It’s richness, epics and great parallels to human condition we face on day to day basis is a topic of its own, however; this post is about something very specific,, where the relation between greek mythologies and stories from Abrahamic religions is being considered to find a possible connection. Since, Greeks never believed in Creator God, their mythology has three level of hierarchy starting with Uranus and Gaia to Kronus and Rhea to Zeus and Hera. The basic idea of Greek mythology as suggested by Robert Bowie, Jr. is that it is centered on the idea of getting away from the God of old testament. It views the narrative of Greek mythology as Zeus/Hera couple escaping from the yoke of Old testament by eating the apples from the Garden of Hesperides (Eden) and gain the serpent’s enlightenment (Knowledge of Good and Evil as promised by satan).

Garden of Hesperides and Eden

As can be seen in the image, the Garden of Hesperides seems to be a very interesting place. What is more interesting is the fact that it belongs to Zeus and its apple were wedding gifts by Hera. Somehow, Athena ends up owning this gardent and the nymphs seen in the image are daughters of Atlas. What is interesting to see, is that there happens to be a tree with entwined serpent, which is reminiscent of Garden of Eden with Serpent in it. Also interesting thing to note is that both stories have apples associated with them. As, Robert Bowie, Jr. suggests, it can be seen that serpent does play a prominent role in Greek mythology as enlightening being. Following are some of the other images to drive that point home.


It is also visible near the feet of Athena in the picture to the left and it is usually shown as rising towards upwards. This kind of suggests the possibility of serpents achieving importance. Robert Dowie, Jr. suggests that serpent worship was prevalent in ancient Greece. Serpent worship forms an important aspect of all the ancient polytheistic religions and therefore this imagery cannot be discounted.

Hercules had to steal apples from Garden of Hesperides and had to defeat Nereus, who was the ruler of the sea and was replaced by Poseidon. Nereus knew where the location of the garden was and according to the Robert Dowie, Jr. this Nereus character is Noah, who survives the flood. Even the fact that Hercules fights and wins against Kerberos, is the idea of defeating the three sons of Noah post flood. We will return to post flood scenario. Another interesting thing that happens during the time when Hercules tries to steal the apple, he uses help from Atlas, whose daughters are protecting those apples. Atlas agrees to help, since he wants to let off the burden of the sky and give it Hercules. Hercules tricks him to get the apples for him and then carry the burden of sky again, before leaving with the apples. I mentioned this story, because Robert Bowie, Jr. suggests that the act of holding the sky above is more like moving the heaves (old testament’s God) away from the lives of people where they can live with liberty and freedom.

Abel/Seth and Cain – Ares and Hephaestus

According to old testament, Cain killed Abel because he was jealous of him and was cursed to wander the land, with some kind of mark to identify and protect him from would be assailants. I still wonder who those assailants are being referred to, if this is the beginning of humanity on earth. However, Cain disobeys is curse to wander and decides to build a city. His children are famous for metal works, music and sciences. On the other hand, Seth takes the righteous place of Abel and settles with a pastoral lifestyle and lives with a nomadic way of life. It could be that these nomads were rough, unruly in their demeanor and would be willing to get in to fight easily due to their simple way of life.

Hephaestus was the favored son of Zeus and Hera and was famous for his metal works. Just like Cain’s children were and Cain himself fashioned a weapon out of his plough. Ares, inversely is the war oriented God of Greeks, who is despised by the entirety of Mount Olympus. Except for the two for two relation, there isn’t much that seems very striking here and so we would move on.

The Flood

According to old testament, Noah with his family along with animals on ark survives the flood and the world is inhabited by the offspring of Noah. But over time, the evil before the flood starts creeping back to corrupt the offspring of the three sons of Noah and in time, the whole evil thing becomes prevalent and gets mainstream with Nimrod making it to big time. Nimrod is compared to Hercules and the 12 labours, which includes getting the apples from the garden of Hesperides, is considered to be the enactment of resurrecting the evils ways of the past. It is interesting to note, Nimrod, also called the mighty hunter before the lord, is compared to Orion constellation. This constellation is also example of another dying god Osiris, in Egyptian myths. The other association of Nimrod is with Baal, the father of Tummuz. It forms a trinity of sorts, with Baal (dying god) the father, Semiramis as wife (and daugther in some references), Tummuz as son. Baal was also known as Hubul in the region of Arabia, whose worship was prevalent in Arabia during the time of Prophet Muhammed. We will be looking for more clues as to who Baal is and how he is relevant in following posts.

The question that keeps coming back to me, is that the whole premise of Rober Bowie, Jr. is invalid since the whole Zeus and Hera being the first couple doesnt make sense, especially since they both are children of Kronous and Rhea, who inturn are children of Uranus and Gaia. Another important aspect missing is, what about the brothers of Zeus: Hades and Poseidon. Where do they fit and what about the titans? Who were they? These are the questions that I would like to find the answers for and will explore in the upcoming posts.